Quality Control

Many companies overlook the importance of having staff on the ground that can ensure factories and the end clients are on the same page, in relation to product specifications and overall quality standards. Our on-site presence is a key to successful production within China. As such, our complete inspection program consists of a tailored selection of the following:

Factory evaluation and Social Accountability (AUDIT)

Before committing to working with a new factory we create a full assessment of the production facilities and organisation, to ensure they're in accordance with ISO standards. As a result we only place orders with factories who have the capacity and quality levels required to service our orders on time, every time. Compliance to hygiene & safety standards, local labour laws and child labour are among the many aspects we take into considerations while carefully choosing the factory.

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We initally begin with a visual check of the quality of components, materials, and finished products at the commencement of production - which we compare to our clients' specifications, referenced sample and pantone color. The IPC thus allows for timely corrections and improvements before mass production is initiated. Any aspect of the product that doesn't meet our clients specifications is immediately reported, to ensure there's no delay in shipment. A DUPRO is carried out when at least 25% of the order has been produced. We will recheck the products to ensure that all of the corrections and improvements suggested during the IPC were properly implemented. We'll then examine the existing production and provide a status report.

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A FRI includes a detailed visual inspection of randomly selected products, from the production line. This is done in order to check that quality, quantity, and packaging conform with the sample quality and clients' specifications. The random inspection is carried out when production is completed, and at least 80% of the products are packed, ready to ship. This report allows our clients to ensure that there are no defects while the products are still in Asia, so that even if there are any defects, they can be rectified before being sent out.

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