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ODM is a buying office within Mainland China, from which we're able to control all of your product production. Founded in 2008, we have grown a strong and International team of merchandisers who deal with factories on a daily basis, and who can also ensure that you find the perfect promotional product and to get you the best price possible for that product. ODM started operations in Shanghai, but moved to a larger office in Zhuhai, in 2011. We act as a dedicated buying office for partners around the world. To add to that, we offer a Quality Control (QC) service, in which we visit the requested factory and administer the production of your goods, followed by a full report.

  • Representative office in Zhuhai and Hong Kong
  • Buying office and product sourcing
  • Quality Control
  • Market Research
  • Administration of sales from within China

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Need help from our design team to create an innovative concept or to do a complete redesign of your website?
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Learn about how our design team can help you turn your idea into reality, or if you need ODM to help brainstorm promotional product ideas.
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To learn more about the manufacturing process, and how we're able to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, read this.
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Quality Control

If you're having your product produced within China, then it's essential to run a Quality Control during and after the manufacturing process.
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